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Garage Floor Coating

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All American Garage Floor Coating offers the following services: installing of polyurea flooring or full-flake system, all designed to coat concrete garage or patio floors; pressure washing for driveways; basements; and concrete repair of damaged areas.

Garage Floor Coating

Our Services

We make sure our customers have the best garage flooring installing service that will add beauty and have them satisfied seeing the outcome of our work. Here is a list of what we’ll do for you.

Worksite Preperation

We remove any previous coatings, flatten the surface and prepare for our base coat.


Once the base coat is finished, we’ll add our flakes(your choice) across the floor.


We then apply our topcoat which seals the materials together that’ll last a lifetime.

Our 3 Step Coating Process

Polyurea Basecoat

A highly elastic material that accommodates for expansion, contraction and relative movement within concrete without cracking.

Full Flake

These are decorative vinyl color flakes, also known as polymer paint aggregates. That are made up of a combination of acrylic and vinyl resins.

Polyaspartic Topcoat

Polyaspartic is a two-part material that is flexible enough to bridge small cracks as well as seal floors such as concrete and full flakes.

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